5 Ways to Design a Website People Actually want to Visit

It might have happened to you that you visited a business website and taken a look but immediately leave the website. Want to know why did it happen? A recent study by a German-based website design consultancy EyeQuant has found its answer. This website uses artificial intelligence to study websites and also identifies the most workable features that are more likely to connect with the users. Recently EyeQuant studied 300 e-commerce websites on different spectrums ranging from car rental agencies to travel sites and electronic outlets. Then the company compared these scores with bounce rates provided by Alexa.

Clarity and bounce rate are interrelated. The study has unveiled five ways to design a website that no one will leave your website. Implement these five suggestions in your website designing and convert your visitors into customers.

1. Focus on the three Ws

What? Why? Where? These three Ws need to be clear to a website visitor. What are you selling? Why should they avail your services? Where should they go next to proceed the process? A website must answer these questions to engage the visitors. You don’t really need much if you have answers to these questions. If you have them on your website, you are giving reason to your visitors to be your potential customers.

2. Precision in choosing elements

Do you know what makes a website look cluttered? The main culprit is content. According to EyeQuant user test, websites with the most words have the least clarity. Keep the description and content on website organized and limited. Advertisements also make sites busy. Keep it simple.

3. Avoid carousels

Having slides that automatically change every few seconds on your website is not a wise idea. It might please you but avoid them at any cost. It does not attract customers. It might create a negative impact.

4. Create a design friendly culture

A good website does not mean a lot of fancy elements on it. Every simple element in an organized manner is something that makes a website look appealing, neat and user-friendly. Make sure to design your website on the basis of your customers’ reviews and feedbacks. And never underestimate the power of advice by experts.

5. Take a scientific approach

Though it is said that a website should not be cluttered, however, it is not specified what a good website should possess. Something will work for one business but might not work for other businesses.
Before making any change on the website, make sure to you know what kind of impact it will have on visitors. Think about the reasons you would leave a website without doing anything. Is this one of the above-mentioned reasons? Share your views in comments.

3 Types of Keywords That Can Get Your Content Found Faster

Getting attention in a digital world is not like purchasing a piece of real estate and putting up a great sign. People won’t just wander and stumble on your site. In fact, you have far more competition online. The primary way to access your website is by searching on a search engine like Google. No matter what kind of content you do, keywords matter. Use of right keywords will make or break your website. If quality content is the king for a digital marketing then keywords are the king for content that brings your content found faster on search engines. Read on to find out three types of keywords that work effectively to make your content found faster.

Long-tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are the low hanging fruit to go after. Long-tail keywords are more detailed and descriptive search terms or phrases.

For instance, there is difference between Search Engine Optimization and Award-Wining Search Engine Optimization

Getting top ranking would not happen overnight. However, the process of getting found can be far more efficient by using popular long-tail keywords. Targeting and optimizing your content around long-tail keywords can help you reach the target audience quickly that improves your SEO.

Long-tail keywords are easier to rank for because people are not optimizing their sites for specific phrases. They have lower search traffic. People searching for things will be aware of what they are looking for so it will generate a significant amount of traffic. This is all about your buyer persona. It is better to attract a small number of buyers than large numbers of people who are just vaguely interested.

How to find long-tail keywords?

Finding appropriate long-tail keywords requires a bit of research. Researching keywords for your business is a tricky process. The effective way to find out the long-tail keywords is to focus on how your buyers are describing their needs and what words they will use in search engines to fulfil them. Go through comment sections and popular communities like Quora or Amazon to see what people are writing.

Trending Keywords

Keywords based on trending or current events can get you found fast on the search engines. How does it work? When your content is focused on trending keywords, it is more likely to show up in the Google News Section above the organic rankings. Secondly, it will also get picked up in Google’s organic rankings quickly because their algorithm is constantly searching for the content on trending topics and pages. However, this is a tricky process as everyone is posting content on the same topic so you need to make sure to come up with something different and unique insights.

How to find Trending Keywords?

Google trends, Twitter Moments, Facebook Trends or any other industry specific news site can help you find out what is going on. You have to be proactive and stay ahead of the game of the trend.

Already Ranking Keywords

Everyone who has been creating blog content for a few months or years have a big advantage when it comes to finding out already ranked keywords.

How to find Already Ranking Keywords?

Go for your analytics and look at your search queries that have resulted in your organic traffic. Make a list of the following items:
Keywords that are relevant to your business but have not created content on it yet.
Keywords on which you have already produced content but still have more potential.
Keywords that are similar to existing content but have not been specifically target.
You are already getting traffic from these keywords so use them more to get more and more traffic.
Keywords are integral to the success of your business and learning how to research and understand keyword is important if you are planning to be found online in a fast way.

5 steps to website security that you can trust

How will you protect your website from those who will stop at nothing to harm it? Hackers, service attackers and ransomware are of great interest for modern websites. Nothing will eliminate your audience trust in you faster than visiting your website and getting a security warning or having a Google flash ”You can’t trust this site.” message in your search results. So how can you protect your website from evildoers that can harm your website? Security is not a product but a process. Here are five trustworthy steps to secure your website.

Opt for a security-oriented hosting provider

The most important security concern is your hosting provider. From where you host your website is an important security-related decision. You need a host that is specifically designed to provide an integrated environment that keeps your website safe from evildoers. You just need to focus on your content to build relationships with your audience who will become your future customers.

Have Automatic WordPress updates in Place

There are a plethora of people striving to make WordPress even better with constant improvements as well as thousands of eyes are looking for security issues. It is your responsibility to make sure to update your version of WordPress when there are problems with a previous release. It is advisable to choose a web host provider that has an automatic update feature.

Respect the risk presented by themes and plugins

Does the themes and plugins you want to install additional security holes? If your host comes with themes and plugins, then your website is secure as everything will play nicely together. Shoddy theme and plugin codes can kill your site performance and your website can become an easy prey for hackers. Using themes with a security-conscious host is a smart idea.

Protect your site from DDoS Attacks

DDoS is a distributed denial of service. It is a brute force attack that is resulted by multiple compromised systems flooding your site with traffic. It is necessary for you to ensure that your website’s host has the proactive technology. It will help you to detect and mitigate attacks quickly. DDoS is a serious problem that needs to be treated with serious solutions.

Deploy continuous malware monitoring

You need continuous malware monitoring. A disease is cured once it diagnosed. How will you know about hacker activity without any monitoring function? If your website has a monitoring procedure buried within it, you can easily detect any activity by the hacker. You can also scan for advanced threats through proper monitoring plan.

Follow the abovementioned steps to secure your website. It is not merely necessary for your website security but also your peace of mind.

7 Creative Ways to Improve Your Social Media Engagement

Social media is one of the most important parts of business marketing and no business today can survive without having its strong social media presence and engagement. Especially while building an online business, the most important metric to consider is how to develop maximum social media engagement. This type of media is the biggest source of getting sales and every business across the world tends to generate a maximum audience and sales from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and all other social media giants. Being a business owner, along with your tactics to grasp more audience from the social media platforms, there is another thing that you need to pay attention and that is “Social Media Engagement”.

Social media engagement is also an important aspect of a business and you must not avoid it while promoting your business on social media. It helps you to build strong relationships with your customers and make them your permanent clients. In short, the more effective engagement you build on social media with your customers, the more revenue you will generate in long terms.

Here are top 7 creative ways to improve your social media engagement. Read and follow these to develop a strong engagement with your customers and achieve your desired goals in your business.

Know What They Do in Social Media

It is the most important thing to know that what exactly your target audience does on social media. Once you are aware of what your audience does when it logs in, you will be able to offer them what exactly they want. You also need to research about what they look for. It’s really important for you to come to know what exactly your target audience looks for because it is the best way to use your products or services in the same manner as your audience wants.

Share Attracting Posts

On Social media, it’s all about getting the attention of the audience. You should share that post that can attract more people towards your business page. The more people come to your social media pages, the more customers you will engage with them.

Define Your Product or Service

You need to define your product or service effectively. If you happen to be successful in showing some unique features in your product or service, you will certainly get a valuable response from people.

Offer Deals

You can also offer different deals with and discount offers to attract more people towards your posts. On all the social media pages of top businesses across the world, you will find one thing common that they all offer different deals to attract their customers.

Interesting Read: Understanding Social Media Ecology- Honeycomb Model

Unveil Your New Products or Services

Whenever you launch any new product or service, you should unveil it to your audience on different social media platforms so that they can become aware of it.

Share Videos

Sharing videos on your social media pages can also increase your online presence. People do watch video which are interesting. You can make your videos interesting for audience by adding different elements in them like unique features of your product or service, what people say about you, etc.

Get a Perfect Customer Care

In the last, but not least, getting a perfect customer care is really important for you. You can engage your audience with quick replies and by solving their problems. This can be perfectly done by hiring some social media experts who will particularly do these tasks.

5 Steps to Create a Compelling Brand Experience

Brand loyal customers have 5-9 times greater conversions than first-time customers. Do you have brand loyal customers? It is one of the important elements of a digital media marketing. Without an engaging brand experience, you are similar to those products who just have an online presence but compelling brand experience can help you establish brand loyalty. Once you have successfully established brand loyalty, customers are more likely to purchase your services. Have a look at 5 easiest steps to create a riveting brand experience.


People love to hear stories and good stories leave lasting impression on their memories. Such stories tend to be memorable in the minds of customers. This is great opportunity to tell your customers about you and your unique selling point that distinguishes you from others.

Brand Personality

You are unique so your brand should be. It is vital to have a unique brand personality that will personify your brand and help customers to relate it to their daily lives. This is how you can be the dearest friend of the customer as customer loyalty is an emotional bond.


Have a strong bonding with the customers is the true essence of success of a business. The best way is to stay connected with your customers on daily basis and social media engagement provides you with the easiest opportunity to stay in touch with your customers. Know who your customers are and show them their value and let them relate to your brand. Focus on building long-term relationship and consistency is the key to it.

Listen Carefully

Your customers are key to your brand success. Listen carefully what your customers are saying about you. You can run campaigns and surveys to know about the liking and disliking of your customers. Let them share their opinions and feedback and take it as a positive point to improve your brand.

Quality Delivery

You respect the opinions of your customers and implement them. Your customers will not only be happier but they will also recommend you to their friends and family. They will be more than just your customers. They will act as brand ambassadors.

Now captivate the hearts and minds of your customers with an awesome brand experience that you can achieve by acting upon abovementioned few simple steps.

3 Step Process for Creating a Winning Content Marketing Strategy

Strategy on which the entire content of the website is designed is what that should not be neglected. According to Content Marketing Institute, if you don’t document your plan, you are most likely to not achieve the desired goal. According to Content Marketing Institutions, this is how an effective content marketing strategy helps:

You are more likely to consider yourself an effective content writer.
You will feel less challenged by every aspect of content development.
You will generally consider yourself more effective in the use of all content marketing tactics and social media channel.
You will be able to spend the budget on content marketing.

For small companies, the marketing budget is the time you allocate for content creation and promotion. Time is the money. Wasting time can be more painful than wasting money.

Content is the most crucial component of an effective digital media marketing. Without a strategically planned content, it is difficult to gain the ranking as well as traffic. Here you will come to know three important steps that make a winning content marketing strategy.


Before getting someone to buy your product or service, you need to know what you want to convey to them. You will never get that right unless you know who you are talking to. Identify your Ideal Customers. You must proactively choose the type of person you want to reach. It is vital to purposefully exclude the wrong people.


What your audience wants to hear from you? You must deliver the right information at the right time to the right audience. It could be a product launch, a blog or a defined period of time on your editorial calendar. The biggest part of ‘What’ also includes influential touch points. You need to figure when you are going to emphasize.


Now here you will need to bring out your creative side. Now its time to evaluate how to craft messages exactly how the prospect needs to listen to you. The ‘how’ tells the stories about you and your products. Whatever you say to your audience, it should create a unifying sense of connection.

Once you plan your content marketing strategy by following these three steps, your digital marketing will be naturally authentic and you will more likely to achieve the desired outcomes.

Digital Guru – Your IT Experts

How to make your website visitors fall in love with your services?

A website is the reflection of your business. For your services, you have made a fantastic website that attracts pretty good traffic but are the visitors getting converted into buyers? Do you have high bounce rate on your website? That could be due to unattractive, irrelevant or a boring website. Follow the below mentioned tactics to induce your visitors to stay and lower your bounce rate.


Eye Catchy Website Design- First impression is the last impression. If you are not able to attract visitors to your site’s appearance you are surely doing it wrong. Attractive Web design does not mean a fancy website with so many images on it. An eye catchy web design means a neat and uncluttered website aesthetically appealing to your target audience. Go for captivating themes that really suits your brand.

Make your brand’s personality highlighted- It is advisable to make your brand shine through every feature of your website. Choose the perfect blend of colours that represent your business and conveys your message to the audience. The content on every single page of the website must reflect your brand’s true identity.

Prioritize your Visitors- Your website should be more about customers and their problems and how your services can help them sorting out their problems. Everyone loves to feel important and customers are the foundation of a business. Images, titles, headlines, copy, subtitles and images, everything should be customer oriented.

Relevant and Interesting Content- The content on the website should be according to audience objectives. Make it easier for your website user to know what it is about and what you are offering. The content should be unique and must contain valuable information in the form of blogs, resource pages, ebooks and whitepapers.

Text should be Structured- Make sure to have an uncluttered website without intimidating and boring text. It is advisable to divide the texts into chunks. Use headings, bullets and images to create an appealing content. No one has time to read the lengthy paragraphs so make the headings and titles catchy to attract the readers.

Easy Navigation- Make visitors find what they want in just three seconds with easy navigation. Put contact information in an easy to find location that can be a separate ‘Contact Us’ page or you can also put a second copy of the contact information in the page footer.

3 Tips to Ensure your Website Design and SEO is Done Right

Organic search and website design is intrinsically linked. It means that design has an impact on website’s ability to rank well for relevant terms. Websites designed without organic search in mind can create problems in ranking. Below we have covered three methods to ensure your design is helping or hindering your SEO efforts.

Know your Usability Factors

Search Engines provide the best results with the customer satisfaction. Search engines reward the sites that provide the great user experience. Poor usability translates to the bad user experience. Good user experience reflects longer time spent by a user on the site, higher volumes of inbound links and a healthy amount of social shares. A good website design does not focus on desktop usability but also on mobile usability. Mobile friendliness is the imperative factor to make gains in organic search visibility.

Design for Content Discoverability

If you want your content to be crawled and indexed by search engines, it needs to be discoverable. If your content would not be discovered, it will be impossible to get your site pages ranked. From a website design perspective, your goal should be to create a website that is intuitive for users to engage with. From an SEO point of view, your aim should be to create a website that allows pages to crawl and distributes internal links. It is recommended to keep the important content at the top of the website. Add product categories that should be mapped directly to your priority keywords.

High-Quality Content

Content is the main ingredient that tells search engines what each page is about. Initially, SEO was about to stuff landing page with keywords but now it is all about quality content. Quality content starts from the design and structuring of the website from the beginning. Content is the main aspect that conveys the message and let people know what your website is about. It is necessary to be vigilant when it comes to creating content.

You need to understand the value of website design in the ranking and SEO. A good website design and SEO ensure that website has the opportunity to rank for key terms that matter to your business.


5 Off-Page SEO Practices to Make Your Website a Favorite on Google

In order to run a successful business, you must always spend time on the off-site SEO. Providing backlinks to your WordPress site will generate you more link juice, thus increasing the SERP rankings. Brain Dodge- SEO specialist at

Superior Papers.

When it comes to website ranking, on-page SEO is considered one of the crucial factors. But it is wrong to neglect the importance of off-page SEO. Search engines see that your pages have a lot of incoming links that reflect the quality of content and high ranking. If you want your website to be ranked on the top on search engines, you must implement these 5 off-page SEO practices.

Rebuilding Broken Links

It is an imperative factor in getting more traffic to a WordPress website. Wikipedia is the best and easy to use the resource as it allows you to edit content for free. You can add links to your site but make sure to add relevant links. Irrelevant links will be deleted.


Information in the form of pictures is one of the best ways to grab the attention of users. It does not only stand out but also exhibit information in a more understanding way. It is also ideal for mobile users. Consider using infographics to improve your website ranking.

Guest Posting

Guest Posting with high-quality content is the wise idea to increase traffic to the website. If your content is not good enough, high authority websites might not accept your request. Here comes the importance of keywords. Choose keywords that are being used by high authority websites.

Social media

Have an established presence on social media? Don’t hesitate to use it. Social Media Marketing is a great way to interact with users. Engage your customers by answering their questions, respond to comments and discussions. You can also make an online forum or a group on social media to keep your audience engaged.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is the most demanding practice of digital media marketing. YouTube is getting billions of views on a daily basis and the number is kept on increasing. Consider making your own YouTube channel to reach a bigger audience. Also, don’t forget to add links in the description of your videos because they play a significant role in generating more leads to a website.

It is not too difficult when you are aware of whatever you are doing. However, it is not the process that will show results overnight. Just keep on doing the good work by following above mentioned SEO practices. You will notice the incredible change.

Digital Guru The Most Affordable IT Solution


Digital Guru creates a logo which provides businesses unique opportunities across various market segments. We have a thorough design process that ensures reliability in design and quality. Every time you order a logo, you will be rest guaranteed that you get a high-quality custom logo design plus the original artwork at competitive rates. We‘re not only flexible but also receptive and highly responsive to the design needs of our clients. Just pitch your logo design ideas and we‘ll execute them thoroughly into your logo.

Web Design and Development

Digital Guru Create Extremely Engaging Customized Professional Website Designs Which Become Center of Attention to Your Every Visitor Fulfilling Your Desired Goals.

We are professional website design company subjected to comprehending and creating lively and goal-driven custom website designs. Our team of professional website designers is highly committed to providing you with affordable and flawless professional website.
Digital Guru truly believe in a fact that a winning website design is not simply a product of high-end design structure, but a winning design is the one which not only draws attention of the customers but it also helps to maintain them in the long run and our professional website design company is the perfect option for you. We work on custom designs, we value what is in your wallet and hence we keep it cheap.


In every barter, the customer wants to get the worth of the amount they spend, and here we reflect this exact philosophy and offer the best and the most affordable packages with even higher worth being a professional website design company. The idea is to offer you custom design packages at affordable rates. Keeping in mind the affordability of the packages, we try to keep it low-priced but we do not compromise on quality at all.

Round the Clock Customer Support

Being the best online professional website design company, we remain on our toes to serve our clients at a fast pace and this is why you can reach us anytime as we have 24/7 customer support to serve you. It is as custom as you want and hence we are always available for all your queries and to satisfy all your needs.


We offer guaranteed satisfaction on every order.

Design & Usability

Nowadays, an excellent website design is necessary to the business looking for success online, simply because a well-optimized website that is both search engine and user-friendly can build an effective online presence globally.

This is accurately what we do for your website project:

* We discard stale ideas and design your website project.
* We collaborate, share ideas, and review different designing approaches before our designers sketch out innovations for your new site layout.
* We create and customize websites that are search engine friendly with unique and quality SEO friendly content.
* We create web designs that are 100% compatible with the SEO rules and are XHTML validated at the same time.

When it comes to your website design, our team of web designers create unique layouts based on your requirement. We provide you with a custom website design which will enable you to distinguish your company from your competitors.

Whether the size of your website is a simple static site to a content-rich, complex site, Digital Guru can provide you with the best solution to meet your needs.

Web Development

At Digital Guru we offer top-notch custom web development services in order to add value to your business. We build long-lasting relationships with our clients by understanding their requirements and determining the optimal technology solution, to give them an edge in their business.

Our best teams of web developers and web programmers have the required knowledge of latest technologies, that help them in understanding and optimizing the client’s business process. We employ leading-edge technologies that require minimum maintenance and generate more business, in order to deliver measurable results.

We take extra measures to design and develop your website so that it:

* Is SEO friendly
* Projects a highly professional image
* Is easy to navigate through
* Is capturing and engaging
* Presents your message to the audience potently.

Our web developers and web programmers use HTML5 Development, JavaScript development, Adobe Flash and CSS, to develop professional websites for our clients.


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